This is Not About Aspiring to be Mediocre....

Why "Mediocrity At Its Best?" Mostly because I just thought of it late at night and decided to stick with it. Also, I've often thought about starting a blog, but I'm more accustomed to writing things that go through rounds of revision. And then never showing them to anyone. The prospect of releasing my words and thoughts into the world in a less than polished state is kiiiinda terrifying. And every once in a while it's good to push yourself to do something that scares you. So here's my blog...eeeek! 

This is my little lifelong problem (one of many, if I'm being totally honest): I think of things that I'd love to do, start said things, realize that things won't be perfect, and promptly stop before failure sets in. My perfectionism has kept me from creating anything perfect, or even anything imperfect. 

So this is not about aspiring to be mediocre. It's about accepting that I can produce mediocre things, and that's okay. As long as I'm producing. 

The other part of this title is "At Its Best". So even though I'm accepting myself in my imperfect abilities, I'm also always going to strive to be better. Alwaysalwaysalways! K? K cool. On our spectrum of human beings that includes Nelson Mandela, Meryl Streep, Steve Jobs, my mom, etc, let's be real, most of us are really pretty mediocre. But as long as we all try our best, that's what's beautiful. 

So stop by once in a while and join me in being a mediocre person who strives to be good, better, best! Hey, can you tell that I have no idea what the fuck this blog is about? :D ;) Good, it'll be just our little secret. Love you!

Aaand I'm just gonna post this because I love it and always post it, and it seems relevant: