Writing Prompts

My writing-partner-in-crime and I have been giving each other prompts lately. The first two he gave me were: the color red, the number 3. Below is what I wrote on the spot, with a bit of editing later that night.



Driving home one night
I see the color red
smeared into the pavement.
In the glow of my anemic headlights,
I can’t say for sure if it’s blood,
but it seems to speak a warning
of what could happen,
what has happened.
Further up the road:
skid marks.
My eyes follow
but my wheels do not,
and I thank God my vehicle
is not on that same path,
that my body is not
in the red.



One was too kind,
taken advantage of
by the big bad world.
Two was too strong,
tasking princes
with unreasonable missions.
Three was me.
A Goldilocks tale?
Too this, too that, just right?
Not quite.
Studying the examples
set before me
I tried to subtract
their mistakes from my life,
but I did the math wrong
and ended up
the worst possible
combination of
One plus Two:


Following someone else's prompt forces you to think outside of your usual patterns. It's also so interesting to see what the other person does with your assignment.

To me, writing is the most fun, fulfilling activity ever, and I wish more people let themselves explore. It's really quite approachable, and almost a basic human need. So, for anyone who's in the mood, I'd love to give a prompt to you: 

Irrational Fears

You can interpret this in any way that you want, and write poetry, prose, or something I can't even imagine! And please feel free to send to me :D I would be so tickled.