The Lucky Ones

St Patrick’s day
and year of the rabbit:
you are just one of the lucky ones.

First born
and first adored
surrounded by
those lucky charms,
some may think it unfair
that whoever
wove your destiny
tied good fortune
to every string.

But I don’t begrudge you
a single thing.
I know lucky
doesn’t mean easy,
blessed does not mean

Through the swirls
of shamrocks
and lucky hind feet,
I see you darling.
I’ve always been watching you,
braving the world ahead of me,
showing me
that it’s okay to struggle,
in fact,
it’s the better way.
Because the things that hurt us
are what make us beautiful.
And dayum girl!
You are beautiful.

You shoveled snow drifts
for two little sisters
clamoring and clanking
noisily behind you
as you gracefully
stepped out
into that quiet unknown,
our eyes ever on you.
Whenever life hurt you,
we hurt too.
And when you conquered,
our little sister hearts grew.

It really was us three,
you me and she,
who taught each other
what it means to
truly truly
love another:
to care so much
she’ll make you scream,
to feel so much,
when you cry, I cry,
and when you laugh about jokes
she doesn’t think are funny
she laughs
because she’s happy
to see your smile.

It’s your birthday big sis,
and we’re all looking at you.
She and me
and all who love you:
we see you my darling,
see that beautiful face
so full of love,
kindness, laughter
and grace
and we know

that we

are the lucky ones.



Dedicated to my sister on her birthday. I tried to kidnap Keanu but it didn't work out, so I wrote you a poem as requested instead.