Sleep No More

Your help is needed with a decision! I've been told that while in NY, I absolutely must check out Sleep No More.

The idea fascinates me: it’s experiential theater based on Macbeth that takes place in an old hotel. Every guest dons a mask, and you can explore the building freely to see different scenes unfold. You get separated from whoever you go with, so it's a very individual experience. Sometimes an actor might grab you and take you to witness a certain event, or you can chase after the actors to see what’s in store for them next. It’s what I imagine being in a video game would be like. 

My sister and I both got very excited about the idea of going. This whole thing seems right up our alley because she’s an artist, I’m interested in writing stories for games, and we’re both excited by creative, innovative experiences. 


I am scared of…pretty much everything.

In high school I spent the entirety of The Ring in the fetal position with my eyes screwed shut, trying to recall the periodic table to distract myself. Freshman year in college my friend said “Let’s watch Interview With A Vampire.” Fifteen minutes later I stormed out of his dorm room yelling at him for underestimating my sensitivity to blood. Sophomore year a few of us were playing Fatal Frame 2, and one part startled me so much, I had to run out of the room and tears accidentally popped out of my eyes. 


I am kind of a badass motherfucker compared to my sister.

We went to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire together, and she had her eyes closed for 80% of the movie. I had to whisper what was happening to her because she didn’t want to inadvertently see blood, and even then she couldn’t sleep that night. We’re just not good with gore. Somehow sis #1 is far braver with this kind of thing, and used to watch straight up surgeries and graphic births on TLC when we were younger. 

So here we are, so excited about Sleep No More, but then sis 2 does a google image search and this pops up:

Ohh. kay. Well, just avoid the room with the bathtub! She then reads something about a bloody baby on the top floor, so okay, avoid the top floor too! Eventually the conversation morphs into a strategy meeting about how to go while seeing as little as possible:

“I think what I’ll do is go in, find the brightest room, and then just sit in the corner and hope that no one bothers me. If nothing happens for like 30 minutes, that would be amazing. I'll bring my ipod.” 

“Yeah yeah, and if an actor tries to move you, just say 'No!'. If I get too scared, I’ll go back out to the bar.”

“What if you get lost and can’t find the bar?”

“I’ll take my mask off and cry and ask one of the other audience members to help bring me out.”

The more we looked at pictures, the scarier everything looked. Why does it have to be so dimly lit? Why do the audience’s masks have to be so beaky? Is it called "Sleep No More" because you’ll be too scared to sleep after you see it?!? 

Jeeeeezus. She just called my name from her bedroom and it made me jump. We haven’t even seen it and we’re already too scared to fall asleep.

I’m really interested in experiencing the show, but I hate being scared. It’s also expensive, so if we do go, I don’t want to waste my money by hiding behind a couch the whole time. I want to see the story as fully as possible. But the last time I peed my pants was from laughing too hard, and I’d kind of like to keep it that way…

To see or not to see?