I Wouldn't Say I'm A Born Writer

From: Eddie Chang
To: Tria Chang
Subject: World famous writer's first story

The Little Rabitt

Once upon a time there was a little rabitt. She had many brothers and sisters and she was very happy but she wanted to go out into the wide world so much that every night she wished that she could go into the wide world but she knew that her mother would not let her go. So she told all her brothers and sisters to come and she told them how she wanted to go into the wide world. They said oh we see how you can go! I won't tell Mommy we wont either said all the rest. well she was surprised but she was very happy so off she went hippety (someone corrected your spelling here) hop then she saw something and out of the bush came a big dog. She didn't know what it was so quietly she scampered off the dog followd her home. her mother was worrid and she was going to scold her but when she saw her scared and sad face she didn't and the little rabbit told them about the dog chasing her and said I will never go out on my own.  the end  by tria chang
(Summer '92 ?)


From: Tria Chang
To: Eddie Chang

ohhh my gooodness!!! Where did you find that?
That is hilarious in so many ways. Let me count the ways –

1. I was very very very repetitive...how many times can one say "wide world" in one paragraph?

2. Terrible grammar! I guess I had not yet discovered commas, but I was best friends with the run-on sentence. 

3. Very odd theme about having an overprotective mother who won't let her venture out. Very familiar feeling of not wanting to be scolded for doing something naughty! And almost disturbing resolution that the bunny decides to never ever be independent again, hahah.

4. What a lifelong obsession with bunnies! But I couldn't spell my favorite animal's name :(

Thanks for typing that out and sending it, bops! makes me really laugh! I'm going to a cafe to do some writing now :) Hopefully slightly better than this. But honestly I was better at finishing a story back then! I have such trouble with endings...
love you!


From: Eddie Chang
To: Tria Chang

Ha ha, I'm glad you liked it--I had a big laugh when I read it (the story was in a notebook that mama had also used for her notes and diary in '92). Don't be too hard on yourself, you were only around 8 at the time...

Love you,