My Girl California

When I am on my own
California loves me.
I can never feel alone
with a girl so lovely.
I pull on a dress
tap my shoes into place
swing open my door
rush into her embrace.
Her sun gently warms
my untouched cheek.
She missed me when I left
for less than a week.

Sweet California
I love you back.
First place I've ever fit
just tell me what you lack.

Girl if you need money
I’ll park on your hills
and the cops will find it funny
how I turn my wheels
in defiance of the law
in compliance with you
I’ll coax tickets and voila!
My dollars, just for you. 

If your crowded prison cells
start to burst and overflow
don’t you worry baby
because I know
how to personally reform
all those bad boy pretenders,
misguided youths turned
would-be offenders.
I’ll teach them how to love
how to keep out of that zoo.
They'll be awed by my lessons
just for you.

And when you are parched
I’ll fetch you that cloud
and if the drops won’t fall
I’ll tell you out loud
about every battle
and loved one I’ve lost
until my tears roll down heavy.
It’s such a small cost.

And when you quake
I will hold you tight.
Though I shake with you
I will hold you all night.
And after the shock
I'll piece you back together
just as you have done for me
with your warm loving weather. 
We'll both have cracks
and scars from the pain
but we'll both be healed
with either tears or the rain.