Meant To Be?!


Life is so interesting guys. There are times when I feel like the universe is pulling me and moving itself to create clear paths, and times when I feel it simply loses interest. I felt this sense of universal indifference when I started apartment searching last month. The perfect fit was just not popping up. I had options but nothing that moved me, no sign that said this was the place. Then a trusted friend provided a connection to her friend whose name rhymes with mine, and it’s been poetry in motion since then. Quick and chaotic motion!

June is the craziest month of the year in my calendar, bringing an avalanche of weddings, networking events, flying, roadtripping, bacheloretting, bridesmaiding, and stopping by Marylanding. Somewhere in the midst of all this, I met my two potential housemates for a quick lunch, saw the house, and felt the magic. I seriously love this place you guys! Come visit :D

The fate-flavored icing on this crazy cake came on the plane ride back to SFO last night. With 27 insect bites on my body courtesy of North Carolina, and 35 cough drops in my system, I was the second grossest person on the plane. Thankfully there was a lady behind me who took first place, bless her phlegmy soul. I spent the first hour focusing on coughing less than her and trying to stay positive. When life moves so fast that I get sick, I wonder sometimes if I’m in the right space to make good decisions. I still felt excited about the new housing situation, but was subconsciously wanting a little affirmation that it was meant to be, and not just me impulsively signing contracts and writing checks.

As I pondered this, the elbowy chap in the middle seat next to me got up, never to return. I guess I was too gross to sit next to? I casually glanced at the person in the window seat. “WHAT. That guy has literally the same face as my future housemate!” After scolding myself for using the word literally in a stupid way, I decided it would be too much of a coincidence. This was a completely random connecting flight from Philly, and why would he or I be on it at all, sitting in the same row no less? Too weird for reality! But then he ordered a water and I heard his Irish accent, so it had to be him!

I didn’t say anything at first, because all I could think of was Hi! I’m the second grossest person on the plane and I’m moving in with you soon! Ta daaa! But after a little while I swallowed my germy pride and asked if it was really him. It was. What followed was a lovely chat and even some chocolates that he’d brought for the house from Ireland! What a nice housemate! What a crazy world! It just happened that we were both on this flight returning from weddings, and the guy sitting between us apparently stepped off the plane. Amazing.

So I’m feverish and itchy and chock full of snot, but feeling pretty grand! Having that reassurance that there’s some magic in the world, that the powers-that-be exist and are helping me out – that’s all I need to feel encouraged and excited. San Francisco, I’m coming for you, and we’re meant to be. Let’s make it work <3