Love Me Like This

Please don’t love me
For the length of my hair
Or how it falls down my back
When we make love. 

Please don’t love me
For the way my cheekbones
Surface when I smile
Looking up at you. 

Please don’t love me
For the sweeping indent of my waist
Or the dimples on my back
You trace before falling asleep. 

Please don’t love me
For my lips, hips,
Hands or wrists.
Don’t love me for my fingertips. 

Don’t love me for the contours
Of my body or my face
Because half of these lines
Lie echoing
In a billion other girls,
Another billion have far better,
And all of our lines will move. 
Yours too.

So don’t waste my time loving me
For those changeable

Love me because when we come home to each other,
No one else can make you feel more there.

Love me because whatever topic comes up,
I will have something to say. 

Love me because after listening to me,
You will see things a little differently.

Love me because I have been through storms,
But still love to run out in the rain. 

Love me because I am made of courage,
Hope, and feelings too potent to contain:
These things will never change. 

Love me  
Because I am me.
And no one else will do.

Love me like this 
Or I can’t love you.