So this week I have been wondering about my life purpose. Very big stuff. Intellectual. Spiritual. Emotional. Stuff!!! So I was trying to write about what fulfills me, blahblahblah, but then I got distracted. By you know, internet. Facebook. Whatever. 

So I clicked this Huffington Post link about a foster child who was adopted, but the adoption didn’t work out, so then…ok I don’t feel like typing it all out, just watch the video like I did, k?

This kid is SO freakin cute! When I watched the video, it was like Waterworld starring Kevin Costner in my eyes. Just SO MUCH CRY. Because I feel so much for these kids who feel unwanted and don’t have the basics of being cared for and loved. It really breaks my heart! And we as adults can make such huge differences in their lives.

So yeah, I was thinking, maybe this is God telling me that my life purpose is to foster and/or adopt all the children! I'm starting to think this is a smarter option than having my own babies for a number of reasons:

1.  I’ve always been drawn to damaged people. Sorry, but undamaged goods are boring. In the past I fell in love with men when I thought they had broken parts I could fix (don't worry, I’ve since learned this is dumb, so I’m done with that now). But I still think I feel fulfilled when I can help people who have been through trauma. And my own biological-bay-area-asian-baby would probably not be nearly as interesting! Small person who looks like me and is doted on from day 1? Yawnfest!

2.    I keep hitting snooze on my biological clock, but if I adopt instead, I can turn that shit off entirely! I can focus on my career until I’m 42, and then adopt a rainbow of kids of various ages, and be on track, or dare I say, ahead of schedule! Genius.

3.    I could forever avoid my fear of pushing a human out of my vagina! Sold!

Now I realize it might be hard to find a husband who wants to join me on this adopt-all-the-children journey. But that’s cool, I’m willing to forego the husband in exchange for a truly majestic cat. And maybe also a young hot boyfriend for the stuff the cat’s not good for. This should be no problem to procure since I never got pregnant or pushed a baby out in this scenario, so my body should still be banging til I’m like 72 at least. That’s how it works, right?

Yeah okay, I think this is a pretty solid life plan, and I can go to bed peacefully now. I’m out!