I Love You But You’re Driving Me Crazy


If you’re anything like me, this means you’re spending more money than usual, eating more sugar than usual, and your family is driving you nuts. Oops…I know my sisters are reading and not loving this right now, but give me a minute. I’m allowed to say this because we’re completely secure in our love. We know that we’d do anything for one another. But let’s face it. We’re fucking annoying.

My parents were both free spirits, and raised the three of us to be true to ourselves. As a result, our family is made up of very distinct, headstrong personalities scattered across the world. Getting everyone together in the same place at the same time always proves to be something of a challenge.

The steps go something like this.

1. An initial email sets off an explosion of conflicting dates:
“Hey Fam, what’re people’s schedules looking like?”
“We have school until the 19th!”
“I have to fly back to Zurich the 20th!”
“I have a wedding the 22nd!”

2. Thirty emails later, we’ve figured out a timeframe that works for everyone, so now it’s time to fire off our opposing passive-aggressive demands:
“I have some friends I wanna see that week who need a place to stay so…”
“The house isn’t really ready for visitors right now, soo…”
“I was thinking maybe we could go somewhere totally different, sooo…”

3. Thirty more exchanges, and we’re so over emails that we finally finish solving the equation with various calls and texts between different members of the family. By the time we have a solid plan we’re already sick of each other.  

Why do we go through all this trouble again?? We can’t always remember. But like whales migrating, something pulls us. Wait no, not like whales! We've been eating like monsters this holiday season and would rather pretend to be something daintier...umm so like birds. Like lovely, reasonable-amount-of-food-eating birds migrating, something just tells us where we need to be. And thank god it does, because:

4. As soon as travel is done with and I walk in the door, I see those bright little familiar faces and just can’t be annoyed anymore. I got home from the airport at 11pm on Monday night, and by 11:23pm, I’d already laughed harder and longer than I had since last summer when we were all together. That’s not to say we’re in for a week of peace signs and rainbows – we still have our very distinct personalities and preferences, and there’s guaranteed to be at least one big fight. But there’s something about the chemistry of our complete set that is so precious, so worth any amount of money spent or any number of logistics wrestled. So…

5. Hey darlings, let’s do it all again! Send me your stupid dates and stupid demands! I can’t freakin wait <3

Love you like crazy.