My First And Truest Love

It's Valentine's Day, and next week brings changes for The Tonight Show, so really, the only possible topic I could write about today is The One. The Only. James Thomas Fallon.

I'm about to tell you a bunch of things you can make fun of me for, forever. You're welcome? Or I'm sorry...I'm not sure which yet.

We have a long history, Jimmy and I.

I think the best way to illustrate it is to give you a breakdown of my high school years.

9th Grade: Jimmy becomes a full cast member on SNL. Cute! Funny! Musically talented! Most of all I like how much joy he exudes. He's so excited to be there that he effs up half the skits because he's laughing and appreciating the talent of his cast mates so much. I love that. I love it so much that maybe I write him a fan letter on pink paper in my very best handwriting. 

10th Grade: Jimmy starts hosting weekend update and appearing in skits where he's referred to as "super fox of the century." I decide that 10 years older is totally appropriate relationship-wise. But that's my limit. I will never date anyone older than Jimmy Fallon. And I will name all of my kids Jimmy. Yes. Big life decisions made. My desktop wallpaper becomes something like this:


11th Grade: OMG, WENT TO SEE HIS SHOW AT THE 9:30 CLUB AND AM FULL BLOWN IN LOVE NOW. PLUS!!! My sister finds him on, writes him a message on my behalf, and he writes back for my birthday and mentions some stuff about the show that only Jimmy would know so it must be Jimmyy omgahhh i'm gonna marry him and no one else will doooo!!! I write him a couple times and he always responds very nicely, until my other sister (bless her eccentric little heart) invites him for dinner and tells him that we have a wild bunny lost in our house (we do). He stops responding.

My dear friend adorned the edges of my 11th grade yearbook with truths about Jimmy. Yep. jimmy is funny jimmy is sweet jimmy is the one. lol

My dear friend adorned the edges of my 11th grade yearbook with truths about Jimmy. Yep. jimmy is funny jimmy is sweet jimmy is the one. lol

12th grade:  The promise of college makes me a little less crazy. But I still sincerely believe that if we met, we would totally get along. Totally. My high school is really small, so each senior gets a full page of the yearbook, and I just have to reserve some space on mine for the super fox of the century (see the last frame of my obnoxiously designed senior page):

Scan 24.jpeg

Years later, I'll admit a dose of Jimmy Fallon still makes me pretty happy. Even though I'm wayyy more grown up and mature now, not that that much has changed: in high school, if parties got dull I'd go home and finish the night well with SNL. The other night, after getting home from a rather awkward date, my instant cure was this:

I wanna take a page from Jimmy's book and live a life brimming with joy :D Out of absolutely everyone in entertainment, there's no one whose success I'm happier for than his. In an industry where a lot of questionable characters make a lot of money, it restores my faith in the universe that genuinely nice people can be hugely successful too! I guess he would still be my #1 choice for celebrity husband. Joseph Gordon-Levitt #2. Ryan Gosling #3 (I'm sorry Ry baby, there's a line). Mmkay yep, that's enough embarrassing myself for today!

Happy Fallontine's Day!