Catch the Wind

On my mom's birthday.

From: Tria
To: Eddie, Nessa, Meesha

Happy beginning of the week everyone! I heard the song "Catch the Wind" by Donovan in a TV show tonight and now I'm listening to it on repeat. 

In the chilly hours and minutes
Of uncertainty,
I want to be
In the warm hold
of your loving mind

Just wanted to let you guys know that you're in the warmth of my loving mind :) I hope everyone has wonderful, powerful, healing weeks!

Love you each distinctly and forever <3

From: Eddie
To: Nessa, Meesha, Tria

Ah yes, Mama and I loved "Catch the Wind" and Donovan. She felt sorry for him in that documentary about Dylan and Baez's tour in England because there were people in that entourage that did things like throwing things out of hotel windows, and when anyone came up to complain, it was always Donovan who tried to apologize, whereas Dylan had an attitude and didn't care...


*   *   *

In the chilly hours and minutes
of uncertainty
I want to be
in the warm hold
of your loving mind. 

Crowded round your hospital bed
we knew but didn’t
held you but couldn’t
tried to reach
your quickly quiet mind. 

To feel you all around me
and to take your hand
along the sand
Ah but I may as well try
and catch the wind. 

We prayed together you would stay
my fingers interlaced in yours
like when I was four
and we all walked
a family, always five. 

When sundown pales the sky
I want to hide a while
behind your smile
and everywhere I’d look
your eyes I’d find. 

We look at each other and ourselves
to see signs of you
remnants of you
We still can't bear
to all be left behind. 

For me to love you now
would be the sweetest thing
would make me sing
Ah but I may as well try
and catch the wind. 

When your spirit went to fly away
I clutched it hard
tore off a shard
plunged it down
deep into my heart’s rind. 

When rain has hung the leaves with tears
I want you near
to kill my fears
to help me leave
all my blues behind.

And in my heart still flutters
that piece of you
I want it to
to make me feel
like you are still part mine. 

For standing in your heart is where
I want to be
and long to be
Ah but I may as well
try and catch the wind.