April Rules

“Ching-Ma’s on the phone!”

Every April 1st, my family would huddle up when my grandmother called. She was in her 80’s back then, 100’s now. She would greet us with her loud, adorable, cheery voice, and we’d say “Hi Ching-Ma! How are you?” to which, every April 1st, she’d cry out excitedly:


“Whaaat! Ching-Ma! Are you sure?”

Screams and congratulations followed, maybe some admonishments about being more careful, until she’d shout:

 “April Fool’s!”

More screaming, and congratulating her for tricking us again. Man. As a kid, this was the most fun thing to me ever. Needless to say, I looked forward to April Fool’s Day every year growing up. April ruled! It started off with the whole family laughing, then I turned a year older, which back then was AWESOME, and then there would be spring break somewhere in there.

Now instead of spring break, there are taxes, instead of turning a year closer to being cool, it’s a year closer to being old, and April Fool’s? It’s just not quite the same.

My grandmother’s recurring joke got me into a certain habit. Whenever someone said “I have something to tell you…” my default response would be “You’re pregnant.” One day, my big sis called and said she wanted to tell me something. I said “What, you’re preggers?!” and she said yes. I realized then that I’d hit the age where that was no longer funny, because it was all too plausible.

In college, Justin and I once changed our relationship statuses to “single” on facebook for April Fool's. We thought it was hilaaaarious because we would never ever break up! Yeahhh…so...

As I’ve gotten more life experience, I feel like it's become trickier to make these April Fool's Day jokes. Life is so unpredictable that it's a bit dangerous to joke about certain things. Even the saran-wrap-on-the-toilet-type practical jokes lose their charm as everyone’s lives get busier and filled with more and more natural setbacks.

Of course some people are brilliant, creative, and hilarious with their pranks. But for the rest of us who aren’t so good at it, could we start a new holiday on April 2nd or something? How about a day in which, instead of making each other’s lives less predictable and more difficult, we try to make each other’s lives go as smoothly as possible! And we shall call it April Rules Day.

So instead of waking up and finding a dick drawn on your windshield with toothpaste, you’d wake up and be dazzled because your friend decided it was April 2nd and your car could use a wash. Or instead of a prank email about how you're overdue on rent, you'd get a tax return because your super good friend somehow filed your taxes for you (someone wanna do this for me?)! God I'd love that. April would totally rule again.

In the meantime, I'm pregnant. 

Happy April Fool's Day <3